Zoar, Ohio USA
Historic Zoar Village Ohio • 210 Main Street • Zoar, Ohio 44697

Zoar Village was founded in 1817 by a group of 200 German Separatists seeking escape from religious persecution in their homeland. These Separatists thrived as a unique Society for more than 80 years, making Zoar Village one of the most successful communal settlements in American history.

Today, Zoar Village is made up of approximately 75 families living in homes built from 1817 to the present. Visit us to tour the museums, see early American architecture and enjoy the quaint village scenery. 

The Town Hall is situated between Third and Second Street, on the west side of Main.  Built in 1887, it was once the last buildings constructed by the Society of Separatists.

The Society barbershop was housed in this building and the Zoar band practiced here and gave concerts from the second story porch roof.  This historic structure was once the hub of community life.  It has served as Zoar's post office and fire department, the Saturday night dance hall and even the jail.  

The Town Hall has been restored by the Zoar Community Association and currently home to two museums - The Ohio & Erie Canal Museum on the main floor and upper floor contains the collections of artifacts from the Society.

The basement level is the chambers for the village government and ZCA meetings.

Historic Zoar Village