Zoar, Ohio USA
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Historical Preservation Commission

The Historical Preservation Commission was created to preserve the architectural elements, which reflect the heritage of the Separatists of the Zoar Society, founded in 1817 and disbanded in 1898.

Our goal is the aid and assist home owners in making the historical correct decisions when modifying, altering or restoring structures, that fall within the boundaries of the historic district.

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Historic Zoar Village

Historical Preservation Guides

The Historical Preservation Commission has create some helpful guides that will explain the historic guidelines

we are maintaining in order to keep the flavor of archeture that is unique to the Village of Zoar and make us a National Historic Landmark.








Log Buildings

Out Buildings

Frame Buildings

Brick Buildings

Historical Preservation Commission Members
Scott Gordon - Secretary

Diane Geis

Patrick Eddy

 Mayor Tom Klingaman

Mark L. Gaynor - Chairman

Historic Zoar Village